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The Republic of Ingushetia , Plievo

The Borga-Kash Mausoleum

On the hilly left bank of the Sunzhi river, next to the village of Plievo in Nazran region stands a white-stone mausoleum with a square base and a semicircular dome. Its southern side contains a lancet arch ­crowning a low entrance. Above the entrance you see three plates covered in Arabic script. They tell you that the mausoleum was built in the 808 AH (July 29, 1405 — June 17, 1406) as the burial place for «Bek-Sultan, son of Khudainad».

However, in the subterranean entombment under the mausoleum building, travelers in the 18th-19th centuries observed a great number of mummified corpses in expensive clothes. Therefore the tomb, intended for one individual, has become a collective one with the passing of time. The local Ingush population ­calls this mausoleum «Borga-Kesh», meaning «The Tomb of Borgan».  

The Borga-Kesh Mausoleum is steeped in legend. According to one story, the origin of the mausoleum is connected to a beautiful woman by the name of Suv, who had the tomb erected over the grave of her lover, Bogdan Beksultanovich. Another legend says that here lie the remains of the legendary Narts, who were incorruptible for thousands of years. Archaeologists have a great deal of work ahead of them to uncover the mysteries of this monument. Throughout its existence, the mausoleum has been robbed several times, because of a legend about ancient treasure buried there. Nowadays, the inhabitants of surrounding villages take care of the monument. The Borga-Kash mausoleum is recognized as a monument of history and culture of national importance and is under the protection of the government.

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Address: The Republic of Ingushetiya, Nazran, Ali Gorchkhanova street

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