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The Republic of Ingushetia

Assa river

Река Асса
Река Асса

The springhead of the Assa river hides somewhere on the Great Caucasus Ridge. Cutting through the Front Range and the Motley Mountains of the Great Caucasus, right before the Black Mountains the river makes a sharp turn to the east, and after crossing the mountains it takes northern direction and flows into the Sunzha river.

Assa gets most of its water during the warm season, when glaciers and show melt. Therefore, it rises significantly in late April or early May, and spreads over in the warm season.

The landscape of the river`s valley is very picturesque. Transversing the ridges, Assa creates narrow and deep gorges and crevices where there are many rapids and waterfalls. The total length of the Assa river is 133 kilometers, its average width on the plain exceeds 30 meters.

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Address: Respublica of Ingushetia, Sunzha district

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