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The Republic of Khakassia , Bograd

Boyarskaya petroglyph

Boyarskaya petroglyph was named in honor of the mountain range Boyary where these images were founded. Mountains from slabs of reddish sandstone sweeps for 12 km along the middle reach of Sukhaya Tes’ River.

Among 20 known places with the ancient rock images the biggest one is Bolshaya (Big) Malaya (Small) and Novaya (New) Boyarskaya petroglyph. Images of  Boyarskaya petroglyph were carved approximately at the same age. Scientists associate this period with the existence on the Khakassian territory Tagar archaeological culture. Petroglyph has become famous due to its subject. In fact the cases when petroglyphs have a particular subject are hardly ever among rock art even not only in the middle Yenisei territory but in Eurasian rock art as a whole. In the Boyarskaya petroglyph there are a lot of images of ancient villages. The most important part of this composition is buildings: log houses and frame buildings which look like yurts. Except houses on the rocks there are images which illustrate the process of cooking in the ritual cauldrons and scenes of cattle grazing.  

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Address: Республика Хакасия, Боградский район

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