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Национальный музей-заповедник Казановка
Национальный музей-заповедник Казановка

Khakass Republic National Museum-Reserve is rich in archaeological monuments and legends. In Kazanovka you can see the evidences of ancient people's life and death: settlements mount sanctuaries and rock images, irrigation systems and copper and iron mines,(barrows, commemoration places and grave fields . More than 2000 archaeological monuments were discovered on the museum territory. The earliest of which belong to the Neolithic age (about 6000 years ago).

A single stones are installed in steppe valleys of the museum-reserve. Most of these monuments were created in the Bronze Age. Scientists intend that ancient people marked places of practicing rites this way.

Stone from grey granite called Akh tas (the White stone) is located in the centre of the scenic Kyug valley. This stele is about two meters at height and triangle in section. Its age is about 4000 years. Last 1500 years local people were using this stone for treatment different illnesses. As per the legends Akh tas cures edemas, heart troubles, blood diseases.

Till 60th, scenic rock Iney tas (the Stone grandmother) stood on the left bank of the Askiz river, a kilometer to the north-west from the Kazanovka village.

The rock hung out over road on the height about 30 meters and reminded a woman in a traditional khakass fur coat. This stele has two main sence: it was the patrimonial mount of Maynagashev and the patron of cattle-breeding for local people. Till the mid-50th people had practiced the rituals of sacrifices for the mount spirit, kin patron.

Place at the bottom of Iney tas was cleaned and strewed by river sand. About 40 sculptures of domestic animals were placed there. Bulls, horse, sheep were made from river gravel and red sandstone. Only three figures had been preserved. Before moving from summer settlement to winter one someone came up to the Iney tas bottom and accurately set up figures of animals. After returning people came to the rock to look on the figures. If they stand in the same position so the year will be successful, if some of them full down, so people will be able to expect the loss of cattle. Unfortunately rock Iney tas was blow up in the early 1960 s. Probably, the sacred rock had become “victim” of campaign against “religious prejudices” in the USSR. Nevertheless, even after the “death” Iney tas is highly esteemed among local people. Passing by this place people practice rite “sek-sek”. It is the main road rite of “spirit’s feeding”. In the pass, burial ground or near the important places you should stop and pour drink to some vessel. Right after you should pick grass and splash drink to the four winds. At the same time you words of wishful thinking for the local spirits. After the prayer, leftover drink is drunk. Now the rite «sek-sek» practices by everyone who wants, as they think, to observe the covenant’s ancestors. In recent years, people recovered the ancient tradition of mountain sacrifices tag taikh. This tradition collects hundreds of local residents, who want to pay tribute to «owner» of these places — a stone grandmother.

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Address: Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район

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