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The Republic of Khakassia , Kamyshta

Gates to the Tsar valley

Unusual monument called Tsar (or Salbyk) gates is located  6 km to the north-east of The Salbyk kurgan. Gates symbolize the entrance to the Tsar valley — sacred place of the giant funeral constructions. Locals attribute ritual and medical properties to this object. It is two vertical stone slabs (menhirs) situated on the top of the mountain range from the east valley’s side and orientated in the cardinal directions. Distance between the slabs is 3,6 meters. 

Gates are located in the place of the deep tectonic fault on the border of the “magnetic calm” zone. On the north slab there are tamgas and oval niches appeared from the numerous hands touching of people who were coming to this place during centuries. It is said that the south square slab (called man stone) has the positive charge and the north round slab (called woman stone) has the negative charge. Ancient people used this place not only for ceremony but also in order to heal diseasess. According to legends, double-pole dowsing anomaly is this therapeutic power which corrects disturbed person’s biofield.

Gate was set up in the I millennium BC. Its functions were ritual, astronomical, therapeutic and funeral. Gate is the part of the complicated complex of Tsar valley's constrictions.  

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Address: Россия, Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район, Камышта

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