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Vladimir Oblast , Vladimir

Demetrius Cathedral

Nowadays, the cathedral is open to the public, and you can see fragments of the interior decoration of the church, which remained, unfortunately, very little. Paintings of XII century are the part of the composition «The Last Judgment.» The central vault under the gallery figures of 12 apostles, judges on the throne and the angels behind them are preserved. In a small vault under the gallery, there are paradise scenes: trumpeting angels, the apostle Peter, who leads holy women to heavens, the prudent brigand, «Bosom of Abraham» with the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as the Virgin Mary on the throne.

Paintings of the cathedral are the original version of the classical Byzantine style of the end of the XII century.

They are distinguished by spirituality of images, plasticity of figures, subtle combinations of colors. Especially amazing is the perfect beauty of angelic faces.

The unusual for that period realism in the depicting of apostolic faces with individual features should be also noted.

A detailed depicting of the Garden of Eden is also unusual: trees with palm branches; grille that supports grape vines; bird that bite grapes.

Probably painters arrived in Vladimir from Byzantine city Fesalloniki where there was the origin place of the sacred relics of Demetrio’s.

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Address: Vladimir region, Vladimir, St. B. Moscow, 60

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