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Myun is the broth made of the wild fawl (duck, ptarmigan) except the mergansers» meat. This kind of duck feeds chiefly fish so its meat tastes like fish and is used just for frying.

Pluck, singe and rinse in water the wild fawl right after the hunting.

Put fowl to the cold water for 1-2 hours. Then chop fowl to big pieces and boil on the high heat. After the boiling remove the scum and slack the fire.

30-40 minutes later fry on the pan (without oil) onion, carrot, parsley root. Add it to the broth and simmer half an hour, add salt just before the end of boiling. Right after filter the broth. Sometimes myun is cooked with potato.

Serve myun in the bowls or cups.

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