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Павел Чураков

Talgan is the barley or wheat cereals cooked in special way. To cook talgan, you need 500 g butter, 400 g talgan, 2-3 teaspoon sugar or 2 tablespoon honey, 50 g milled bird cherries

Fry barley grains in the iron bowl, stirring by wooden stick with the piece of a textile at the end, till the barley’s husk won’t crack. Then clean out the grain by blowing.

Grind the grain in the quern, making it less than finely ground cereal but more than flour. Then add talgan and sugar or honey to the melted butter. Mix ingredients and leave to cool. Then chop it into the equal pieces. Sometimes this dessert is made with the grinded bird cherries.

Dust the powdered sugar before serving.

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