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The Republic of Ingushetia , Nazran

Kartshal Malsagov Monument

Памятник основателю города Назрань
Комитет Республики Ингушетия по туризму

According to historical records and folk legends, about two hundred years ago Kartskhal Ortshoevich Malsagov, native of the village of Angusht, led a group of settlers from Tarskaya basin and the right bank of Terek to the northern flatlands between rivers Nazranka and Sunzha. On a high headland at the confluence of two rivers, this legendary man founded the first Ingush settlement, which later on gave rise to the city of Nazran. Kartskhal Ortshoevich managed to rally the best, bold people, bring them out of the mountain gorges to a plane, and – most importantly – gain a foothold there. For Nazran that the founded the fate held much in stock: it became the Mother Nazran (Nana Nasare) for the people, cultural and economic centre of Ingushetia.

Choosing life on a plane was a risky move for highlanders accustomed to living in the strongholds and defending them. In those days, flatlands crawled with danger. Numerous gang of robbers raided village constantly, ravaged houses and took away people to make them slaves.the first setters neede courage and determination to be ready to repel enemies at any given moment. Despite all the difficulties faced by highlanders, they were able to defend their rights to the land claimed. Gradually, other Ingush people joined the first settlers from the mountains and built houses next to Kartskhal`s.

Malsagov Monument and Park were opened in 2013 on the Day of Nazran, the city he founded. There is a bronze monument in the centre of the park, which has the following words engraved on it: “Following the behest of the elders, representatives of several Ingush clans from Angusht led by Katskhal Malsagov founded the settlement of Nazran.”

Landscaped park lies in the centre of Nazran opposite the Assa hotel.

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Address: Republick of Ingushetia Nazran

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