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The Republic of Ingushetia , Alkun

Gagievs Towers

Башни рода Гагиевых
Республика Ингушетия

At the Assinskiy gorge located the Gagievs towers. According to the popular legend, under the Gagievs tower walls in the Middle Ages was a battle with foreign invaders. The Ingush folklore preserved the name of one of the leaders, Gagiev Talevr, who had a fierce resistance to the enemy. The people kept in mind the circumstances of the death Talevr.

The Mongols many times made unsuccessful attempts to invade into the Ingush mountains, but have not been able. According to legend, the way to the mountains of the Mongol army, which moved along Assinsky gorge blocked 40 daredevils headed by Gagiev Talevr. Enemies come close to the Gagievs towers and bloody battle is began. Sending messengers for the help, Targa Talevr led his small force of the enemy. For the time when the help is come from Targimskaya gorge, all the defenders were dead. Arriving managed to repel the attack, and for the umpteenth time to defend their freedom and hero Talevr and his soldiers remained forever in the memory of the people.

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