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Vologda Oblast , Andomskoe

Andoma Mountain


Andoma Mountain is one of the most unique places in Vytegorsk. This small strip of coast only three kilometers long is a natural reserve of landscapes, minerals, and paleontology artifacts.

Andoma Mountain has a reputation as one of the most beautiful and enchanting places on the shores of Lake Onega. From the steep banks covered here and there with fir and adler forests, there is a splendid view of the vast expanses of the lake, the Andoma River mouth, and the taiga all the way to the horizon.

Ancient deposits from the Devonian and Cambrian periods color the steep banks with fantastical lines of various tints, light-gray and sky-blue, yellow, red, and even dark-purple. Glaciers turned these layers into intricate abstract pictures. The multicolored slopes of Andoma Mountain were formed 350-400 million years ago. These clays are famous for their relaxing and cleansing properties, and contain various salts and minerals from an ancient sea. At Andoma Mountain you can also find schungite and druse of crystalline silica, as well as fossils: shells of ancient seas denizens — fish, shellfish, and ferns that are around 400 million years old.

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Address: Vologda Oblast, Vytegorsky region, Andomskoye village

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