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Vologda Oblast , Great Ustyug

The Patrimony of Ded Moroz

Вотчина Деда Мороза
Вотчина Деда Мороза
Вотчина Деда Мороза
Here in the wooden residence in the pine forest lives the main Russian Wizard — Ded Moroz («Father Frost»).  Getting into his fabulous patrimony through the main gates, his guests immediately find themselves on the trail of fairy tale, where they are waiting for fascinating adventures with the inhabitants of the magic forest.

Passing through the all trials,  you get to the Alley of Wonders leading to the Residense of Ded Moroz where the owner himself meets his guests in the throne room. Not far from thr Residense there is a forge of where you can get acquainted with the history of hammersmith's craft, and see with the own eyes how hand forging passes. In a carpentry workshop you meet a skillful craftsman who shows his skills of wood carving.

On the central alley of Patrimony there is a Post Office of Ded Moroz. Magic Post Office replies to the all letters that have come to Ded Moroz from all over the world.  On the territory of the patrimony there is an amazing place — a glacier where winter reigns all year round. The temperature in the glacier does not rise above -15 degrees Celsius. Here the ice sculptures of the heroes of Russian fairy tales and the cold throne of Father Frost rise. And in a magical garden you can see exotic plants and amazing flowers.

The folklore center «Gornitsa» is dedicated to way of life of the northern peasants. Assistants of Ded Moroz conduct a game program and master classes to work with flax, birch and other natural materials. In the garden of Ded Moroz is the unique collection of 60 species of birds and animals. In cozy enclosures among the pine forest live about 400 rare animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book. In the Forest Pharmacy guests will discover the secrets of the medicinal properties of the northern herbs, tell about the traditions of Russian tea drinking a herbal tea in a cozy atmosphere.

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Phone number: +7 (81738) 2-66-73
Address: Vologda region, Velikiy Ustyug district, Mardengskoe village, the Patrimony of Ded Moroz
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