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Stavropol Krai , Lermontov

The Mountain Beshtau

Beshtau is the most high and magnificent mountain of Caucasian Mineral Waters region. Its top, which stands at an altitude of 1400 meters, offer a colorful circular view of the entire resort region. In clear weather there is a great view of all the mountains-laccoliths, legendary Elbrus, mountain chain of the Caucasus ridge. The diameter of this mountain is eight miles. The name «Beshtau» can be translated as «five mountains». But in fact, from its primary peak diverge radially seven spurs, which are separated by a very deep beams.

Around Beshtau in 1927 at the height of 800 meters was paved a ring road. It is possible to go up the main mountain peak, the easiest way for one of two paths that lead to the mountain saddle from opposite sides: one of them is by Lermontov city, and the other side of Zheleznovodsk city. From the last city to the top of the Beshtau have to go more than six miles, at this altitude difference is 760 meters. The ascent will take at least two hours.

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Address: Stavropol region, city of Lermontov, Pyatigorsk, Geleznovodsk

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