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Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Siera Bald Peak

Siera Bald Peak is located in the area of Gorodetskoe Lake. The Komi call it Sieramlylk and the Nenets call it Siera Hoy, which in translation means a deceiving hill.

Siera is a sacred bald peak where the Nenets people placed many wooden carvings of their gods. The peak was also a place of sacrifice, visited even by the trans-Uralian Nenets. According to local legend, at the base of Bald Peak there is an entrance to the underground world of a legendary Sikhirtya tribe.  In Nenets mythology, these mythical people lived in the Arctic tundra before the arrival of the Nenets («real people»), but now live underground and fear the daylight.

Siera Bald Peak is part of the Pustozersk Ancient Settlement Natural Historical Monument.  In winter, tourists as a rule get to Siera by a snowmobile, and by ATV in the summer.

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