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Leningrad Oblast , Rodionovo

St. George Church in Rodionovo

Храм Георгия Победоносца в деревне Родионово
Фотобанк Лори

St. George church is a unique memorial of wooden architecture from the end of the 15th century. It was founded in 1493 or, according to other sources, in 1496. In 1632, the church was reconstructed and expanded.

The church is situated on the steep shores of Yuksovskoe Lake. It consists of a three-frame construction with wedged roofs. The bottom level is surrounded on three sides by a low-log construction, which, in turn, is covered by a low sloped roof. The church is topped with a bulbous cupola roofed with shingles.  The church porch was recreated in 1971-1972, during a renovation.  By that moment, the church was already not operating. It was closed in the 1930s. The church was returned to the believers in 1993. Services do take place here, but not regularly.

St. George church is the oldest wooden church in Leningrad oblast and the third oldest wooden church in Russia, and the only one that is still in its historic place: the two older churches have been moved to museums.

Committee for Culture of the Leningrad region. Department for Tourism/

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Address: Leningrad oblast, Podporozhsky district, village Rodionovo, Georgievskaya street, building 14

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