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Kemerovo Oblast , Written

Tomsk Pisanitsa Historical, Cultural, and Natural Museum-Reserve

Историко-культурный и природный музей-заповедник «Томская Писаница»

Tomskaya Pisanitsa is Siberia's first rock art monument and museum.  There are about 280 pictures in the ancient natural-historical sanctuary.

The earliest paintings date back to the late Neolithic period in the 4th-3rd millennium BC and depict elks, bears, anthropomorphic beings, sun signs, birds, and boats.  Pictures fr om the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) show a deer-sun, masks, and birdmen. Many of the images are masterpieces of primitive art.

The unique outdoor museum was established in 1988.

A rock with drawings of ancient people was discovered on the banks of Tom river at the turn of the 16th-17th century. The site has attracted the attention of researchers for centuries.  Famous scientists and explorers in the 17th-19th centuries described the paintings in their work.  The final stage of this long research effort was the fundamental work of A.P. Okladnikova and A.I. Martynov (Treasures of the Tomsk Pisanitsa, 1972, as well as dozens of articles in scientific journals in the USSR and abroad). Science helped contemporaries to understand the meaning of life and worldview of the ancients, but they were unable to protect the monument from natural deterioration and, more importantly, from vandals.

In the 1960-80s, a group of scientists, teachers, and students led by professor Anatoly Martynov campaigned to have the rock drawings protected.  Thanks to these people, the first monument restoration was carried out. The famous staircase that is today the main descent to the rock was built, and the first excursions were organized. In 1968, the territory adjacent to the neolithic rupestrian drawings was declared a preserved area.

The Tomsk Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve today is a fast developing modern multi-faceted cultural complex that successfully combines scientific, cultural, and educational programs into the life of the museum.

Tomsk Pisanitsa includes three main exhibition complexes devoted to archaeology, ethnography, and ecology.

The flora of Tomsk Pisanitsa is rich and diverse. Ninety percent of the museum-reserve is occupied by pine forest. An ancient elk path leads across the reserve to Tom river crossing, wh ere elk can often be seen.  In winter, wolves and lynxes come to the reserve. A small zoo operates in the Tomsk Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve. It is the only permanent zoo in Kemerovo oblast. There are 16 animal species and 7 bird species in the zoo.

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Address: Kemerovo oblast, Yashkinsky district, Pisanaya village

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