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Orenburg Oblast

Buzuluk Bor (pine wood)

Бузулукский бор
Бузулукский бор
Бузулукский бор
Бузулукский бор

This is the only place in the trans-Volga region with forests of relict pines and mixed conifer-broadleaf trees. Some of the pines in the park are around 350 years old.

The Buzulik Bor is a part of a national park of the same name founded in 2007.  It is located on the territory of two regions, Orenburg Oblast and Samara Oblast. The national park combines woodlands, steppe, poiums, and limnodiums. The park landscape is very picturesque: here you can see tall sand dunes, plains, cliffs, and winding streams.

Buzuluk Bor National Park contains 13 rare species of plants listed in the Red Book of Russia and Red Book of Orenburg Oblast. The Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature includes some Buzuluk Bor inhabitants: white-tailed eagle, peregrine falcon, bustard, little bustard, sociable lapwing, and Russian desman.

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