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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Hunting and fishing in Yakutia

Yakutia is the country of ancient hunting and fishing traditions, one of the rarest places on the planet where natural and variety of an animal and flora was saved. A huge number of lakes and rivers and beautiful places make fishing in Yakutia especially attractive and these places are very lack for fishmen. Fans of fishing will be struck by richness of fish resources which are shown not only in quality but also in variety of types of fish. It is possible to catch here a red fish, a bubot, a pike, a nelm, an omul and etc. All rivers and the lakes of Yakutia are rich in a catch, the most popular places of fishing: rivers Sinyaya, Amga, Buotama, Muna, Morkoka, lakes Buostakh, Alysardaakh. Despite a North climate the fauna is extremely rich. In Yakut forests were saved population of brown bears, moose, reindeer, fox, sable, etc. Ten most valuable types of fur animals, six types of wild hoofed animals, about twenty kinds of natatorial prey inhabit in Yakutia. One of the most known places for hunting is Zhigansky district where fans of hunting try the catch of moose, brown bear, goose.

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