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Belgorod Oblast , Gubkin

The Quarry of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant

Карьер Лебединского горно-обогатительного комбината
Департамент экономического развития Белгородской области

In 1924, geologists discovered ore deposits with an iron content of over 50% at a depth of 116 meters, and in the 1950s large-scale works began on the site of what is today the Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant. It is the first place in the Soviet Union where iron ore has been extracted using surface mining.

The quarry today is already 5 kilometers long, 3 kilometers wide and 400 meters deep. Due to its huge size and the amount of ferruginous quartzites (balance-sheet reserves of 8.1 billion tons and a forecast of 20.2 billion tons), the Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant has twice featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

Economic Development Department of Belgorod Oblast /

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Address: Belgorod Oblast, Gubkin

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