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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The Bulychev Mansion

Особняк Т.Ф. Булычёва
Фотобанк Лори

The Bulychev mansion was built in 1911. Apart from the house itself, it also includes a huge garden. It was designed by the architect I. A. Charushin, but the style of the building and the design of the interiors were supervised by T. Bulychev himself.

The master of the house, Tikhon Filippovich Bulychev, the owner of Vyato-Kamskoe Steamship Company, decided to build this mansion in order to bring his favorite daughter home to Vyatka from Saint Petersburg. The mansion was intended for her. It was very modern for its times: the house had hot water, electricity, and a telephone line. Jumping ahead, we can say that Tikhon's daughter never did return to Vyatka. Up to 1915 the house stood empty, and then it was sold to the city council for the third of its price and turned into an orphanage.

The style of the mansion reflects the desire of the nobility to imitate the English cottage houses that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century. In the Bulychev mansion, Gothic elements are combined with features of eastern and classical architecture. The mansion is surrounded by a chiseled fence and statues of griffins.

At the moment it belongs to the FSB (Federal Security Service) administration of Kirov oblast.

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Address: Kirov oblast, Kirov, Lenina st., 96

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