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The Altai Republic

Memorial House-Museum of N .K. Rerikh

Over the last decade, the village of Verkh-Uymon in the Altai Mountains, situated far fr om the beaten path, has attracted thousands of tourists. They come to visit an Old Believer settlement, where H.K. Rerikh stayed in August 1926 during his expedition to Central Asia.

Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh, his wife Elena and his oldest son Yury lived in the locally renowned home of V.S. Atamanov. Research in the vicinity of Verkh-Uymon took two weeks of hard labor.

«The untapped treasure throve» and «the pearl of all Asia» were the names N.K. Rerikh gave to the Altai region. This ancient and remarkably beautiful place, where peoples of East and West have met throughout the ages, has kept a special place in the heart of the painter. He always asserted:  «A great future awaits this wonderful cynosure.»

The manor of V.S. Atamanov is included in the list of especially valuable monuments in Altai history and culture. The expedition's stopover in this house has made it a monument of history and of world culture. Ever since, the house has been connected with the name of the humanist painter  N.K. Rerikh.

More than ten years ago, the Memorial House-Museum of N.K. Rerikh, founded by the Siberian Rerikh Society, opened its doors. It was a difficult undertaking to reconstruct the two-story building, of which only the second floor remained at the time.

Among the museum's exhibits are reproductions of paintings by N.K. Rerikh and S.N. Rerikh, a collection of photographs describing the life of the Rerikh family, a map of the Central Asian expedition, and items that belonged to the Rerikh family, including those that they took on the expedition.

A room on the first floor presents the everyday life of Old Believers: household articles, old icons, and books.

The chamber of the second floor, wh ere Nikolai Konstantinovich and Elena Ivanovna resided, is permeated with a special atmosphere that can only be attributed to their times, and another room, across the corridor, holds an exhibit depicting the life and work of Yu. N. and S. N. Rerikh. Here you can also find some materials about B. N. Abramov and N. D. Spirina.

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Address: The Republic of Altai, Ust-Koksinskiy Region, Verkh-Uymon Village

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