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Orenburg Oblast , Belyaevka

Pre-Ural Steppe

Pre-Ural Steppe
Pre-Ural Steppe
Pre-Ural Steppe
Pre-Ural Steppe

«Pre-Ural Steppe» was the first initiative for the return of Przewalski's horse to the Russian steppe. It was decided to execute the project at the former military test site called «Orlov Steppe». It was included into a nature reserve and was named «Pre-Ural Steppe». The area size amounted to 16.5 thousand hectares.

Center for Reintroduction of Przewalski's horse was created on the territory of Orenburg nature reserve in cooperation with the Orenburg office of the Russian Geographical Society and the Institute of Steppe, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. Przewalski's horses were brought here from France. After adaptation the animals were released to new grazing lands. Within the «Pre-Ural Steppe» project they live and breed in a natural context.

This is th 12th project of this type in the world, and it's the fastest growing. Ecological routes were developed and are now active. This routes give a chance to see pristine steppe and its inhabitants, starting with wild Przewalski's horses.

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