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Samara Oblast , Upravlencheskiy

Нelicopter platform

Вертолётная площадка
Вертолётная площадка

The observation point in the Upravlencheskiy village of Samara is often called “Vertolyotka” (the Helicopter landing site). In fact, it was the place where the helicopter landed. It was the helicopter of Nikolay Kuznetsov, the first engineer of Samara Research and Technology Center that later received his name. In the Soviet times, the plant was used as a testing site for rocket engines, thus the leading engineer had a right to get there by helicopter. Earlier, the place had a secret. When the authorities decided to close down the project of the NK-33engine and destroy all the information about it, the engineer buried the prototypes he designed on that spot. When they were recently found, scientists and engineers were deeply impressed. From the observation point, you can see national park “Samarskaya Luka”, the Volga river, the city of Samara, and Zhiguli mountains. Several villages lay below, and in the distance you can see the Zhigulyovskaya hydroelectric station and the cities of Togliatti, Chapaevsk, and Novokuibyshevsk. At the observation point, you can take a walk, or just sit and rest on the bench. There are cafes near the spot.

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Address: Russia, Samara, Managering village street Branchy, 7.

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