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Samara Oblast

Racheyskie Alps

Рачейские Альпы
Рачейские Альпы
Рачейские Альпы
Рачейские Альпы

The Racheyskie Alps or the Forest of Stone is the name of a cluster of granite boulders in the Racheysky pine forest. Scientists are of the opinion that this is a place where a glacier came to a stop, after moving through Eurasia millions of years ago. At the heart of the pine forest stands an entire rock mass. Boulders, 5-6 meters high, form labyrinths and grottoes among the pines. Judging by the rock's intricate shapes, they are a the result not only the work of the glacier, but of the wind as well.

The Racheyskie Alps are considered a place of various abnormal phenomena. This, of course has influenced the local folklore. This place indeed appears like a fairytale drawing: the labyrinths of stone on the bright-green carpet of moss and fern have stains of lichen and are overgrown with cranberry, blackberry, and cowberry.

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