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The Tuva Republic , Chaa-Khol

Burgan-Daa (Mountain of God)

Бурган-Даа (Гора Бога)
Бурган-Даа (Гора Бога)

Burgan-Daa is translated as the Mountain of God. This is a niche in a rock, very small -- 1 m high, 60 cm wide, and 86 cm deep. In the background, there is a bas-relief image of Buddha and his two faceless disciples in blue-green robes. To the left and to the right you can see silhouettes of two guards.

Scientists say that this wonderful monument of Buddhist art dates to the 13th century. The niche was first visited in 1717 by members of a Russian military topographic expedition, led by Andrei Yeryomov and Ivan Nashivoshnikov. The expedition sailed in boats along the Yenisei, accompanied by Cossacks. In the niche, they found bows and arrows, grain barley, strips of blue and black paper, painted with mysterious characters in gold and silver.

A legend says that it was previously a highly revered holy place, and it is no wonder it is called the Mountain of God. Here people worshipped good spirits of the earth, bringing «white food», i.e. food of the gods — dairy products.

Overall, the area hosted priceless monuments of history, culture, and nature: amazing stelae, old burial mounds, Orkhon-Yenisei inscriptions, petroglyphs, the first Buddhist monastery. All of them went under the waters of the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir. Now they emerge every year in late May — early June, during the discharge of water.

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