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Kirov Oblast , Iuculano

Zhukovlyane Boulders

Жуковлянские валуны
Портал "Родная Вятка"

The Zhukovlyane Boulders is a conglomeration of large stones in the form of regular spheres measuring 0.5 to 1.5 m in diameter. Approximately 1,300 boulders are scattered over an area of 10 hectares between the two villages. The exact age and origin of the stones remain unknown; it is believed that the Zhukovlyane Boulders are a legacy of the Ice Age: the glacier polished them to a spherical shape and brought them here. Such spherical boulders are found, for example, on the island of Champa of Franz Josef Archipelago and in other remote parts of the world.

The place used to be a sand pit, and it was during sand mining that the Zhukovlyane Boulders appeared on the surface.  Other stone balls might be hidden underground.

It is planned to obtain official registration for  the Zhukovlyane Boulders as a national monument.

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Address: The area between Karpushino and Zhukovlyane villages, Kotelnichesky District, Kirov Oblast

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