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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The concert hall of organ and chamber music

Концертный зал органной и камерной музыки
Зал органной и камерной музыки
Концертный зал органной и камерной музыки
Зал органной и камерной музыки

Alexander Roman Catholic church was built in 1903 by Warsaw architect A. Voytsekhovsky. Services were held  in the church till 1928. In the following years the church was closed and the building belonged to different organizations.

In 1989 the building was restored to be turned into an organ music hall. After restoration the building had its original outlook. The concert hall was reconstructed and decorated with new furniture, iron chandeliers and luxurious stained-glass windows.

German organ building company HUGO MAYER specially manufactured and installed a concert organ to fit the marvelous acoustics of the hall. This comparatively not so big instrument has two keyboards, 26 stops (a range of organ pipes having the same tone colour), 1538 pipes and a rich sound spectrum.

Many famous Russian organists, as well as musicians from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, China, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark performed in this concert hall in its 20 years history. All musicians note that the concert hall corresponds to European standards and is one of the best concert halls in Russia because of its acoustic peculiarities.

Due to a number of concerts and festivals (Vyatka-93, Vyatka-94, the Organ of XX century, the North Orpheus, the Organ Constellation, the Russian Music Universities, the Music of European Cathedrals and Vyatka. Germany. Traditions of German artists) inhabitants of the small city have a unique opportunity to listen to brilliant performances of prominent modern musicians.

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Phone number: +7 (8332) 64-77-53
Address: Kirov, Derendyaeva street 46

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