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The Republic of Mari El , YUrino

Sheremetev's Castle in Yurino

Sheremetev Castle is a palace and park ensemble of the nineteenth century, located in the middle reaches of the Volga; its former landlords were the Sheremetevs, relatives of the first Russian count, Field Marshal Boris Sheremetev.

Vasily Petrovich and Olga Dmitrievna Sheremetev had the castle built in order to create a unique noble estate. The design of the castle was prepared by Russian and German architects, it was built by craftsmen from Yurino, and an Italian master was invited to make the floors.  The castle is surrounded by a park; one of the doors of the estate led to a winter garden.

Sheremetev's castle was built in the Neogothic style, but also features a number of other styles. Red and black bricks are complemented by decorations made of white stone. There were about 100 rooms in the castle. Olga Sheremeteva was a sister of General Mikhail Skobelev, the Liberator of Bulgaria known as the "White General". He often visited them, so they had a personal study for him in the castle with a rich collection of weapons. The Sheremetevs' castle was visited by the writer Korolenko and the painter Aivazovsky.

In Soviet times, the estate was used as a health resort. Now the castle has been restored and some of the premises have been converted into a hotel complex. Tourists can take a guided tour around the castle and see not only the estate but also Yurino village; all the tours include a visit to the Temple of Archangel Michael. This church was built by craftsmen from Yurino, funded and ordered by the Sheremetevs. The church was restored and is now used for worship.

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Phone number: 8 (83644) 33-2-97, 32-1-57
Address: The Republic of Mariy El, Yurinsky District, Yurino village

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