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The Republic of Kalmykia

Lone Poplar Holy Place

Священное место «Одинокий тополь»
Министерство культуры и туризма Республики Калмыкия
Священное место «Одинокий тополь»
Священное место «Одинокий тополь»

The Lone Poplar Holy Place is a regional natural monument containing cascading springs.  

The Lone Poplar is located in the Tselinny district of the Republic on the southern slope of Hamur ridge, about five kilometers away from Har-Buluk village.

The monument is a plot of land with a natural springs of fresh and mineral healing waters.  There is a single poplar in the center of the plot. The poplar is 15 meters in height and 1.5 meters in diameter.

It is believed that the poplar was planted by a Buddhist monk, abbot of Bogd Dalai-lamin Ik-Khurul, Purdash-bagshi Dzhungruev, after his return from a pilgrimage to Tibet in 1846. The monk brought poplar seeds with him in a sack, which he buried at the highest point near Har-Buluk village. A poplar sprout soon appeared there.

Today the poplar is a place of worship of Kalmyk Buddhists. In August 2013, construction of a Buddhist sanctuary  began in the monument: a stupa and eight white stone rectangular pedestals were installed. The holy place was opened in October 2013.

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Address: The Republic of Kalmykia, Tselinny district

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