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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

The monument to Ivan Stepanovich Konev

Памятник Ивану Степановичу Коневу
Центр развития туризма Кировской области

Ivan Stepanovich Konev (16.12.1897 — 21.05.1973) was a Soviet marshal. He was one of the brightest and most talented commanders in military history.

He was born in the Lodeyno village of Nikolsky district of Vologda region (now it is Podosinovets district of Kirov region).

During the Great Patriotic war Konev commanded the troops of Kalininsky, North-East, Steppe, the second and the first Ukrainian frontlines. Under his command the troops fought for Smolensk, Moscow, took part in the Battle of Kursk, cut across Dnieper, freed the Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, took part in Berlin and Prague military campaigns. In February 1944 Ivan Stepanovich became a marshal, on 29 July, 1944 he became the Hero of the Soviet Union.

The granite monument of marshal Konev was at first in Krakow (Poland), however, it was removed to Russia in 1991. After restoration the monument of marshal was established with a new basement in the centre of the square named after him.

Its sculptor was A. Khaidetsky, the architects were V. I. Bortsov and V. I. Kropachev.

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Address: Kirov, Marshala Koneva street 1

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