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Saratov Oblast , Smelovka

Yuri Gagarin Landing Site.

Место приземления Ю. А. Гагарина
Место приземления Ю. А. Гагарина
Место приземления Ю. А. Гагарина

It was here that Yuri Gagarin landed at the end of his history-making space flight on April 12, 1961. Ever since, this place has been known as the Gagarin Field. Incidentally, Yuri Gagarin, who graduated from the flying club and the industrial technical college in Saratov, also  made his first-ever flight in Saratovskaya oblast. Thus there are numerous ties between the world's first cosmonaut and the history of the region.

In July 2012, the site of Gagarin's landing was designated as federal landmark. An obelisk in form of a space rocket and a monument to Yuri Gagarin were erected at the landing site, as was a monument to the Foton landing craft. In addition, Cosmonautics Alley was constructed, including a composition in memory of the founding fathers of modern astronautical science, K. E.  Tsiolkovskiy and S. P. Korolev, as well as twelve bronze bas-reliefs of cosmonauts.

Every year the landing site is visited by 14,000 people. The most crowded time of the year is of course April, the month when Cosmonautics Day is celebrated. Every year the region prepares a special festive program for the occasion, and major events are held at the landing site. The greatest cosmonauts and astronauts from around the world, as well as tourists from every country on earth, come to honor the memory of Yuri Gagarin.  Meetings are held with local residents who witnessed Gagarin's flight.

Ministry of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism of Saratovskaya Oblast /

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Address: Saratovskaya Oblast, Engelsskiy Region, Smelovka Village

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