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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

The ethnographic complex «Atlasov's Estate»

Этномузей усадьба Атласовых Ытык-Хайа (Ус кут)
Туристско-информационный портал Якутии
Этнографический комплекс «Усадьба Атласовых»
Этнографический комплекс «Усадьба Атласовых»

The culture, life, traditions, the ethnic cuisine, history of peoples of the North is and not only, it is possible to see and feel it in Atlasov's Estate. 

Owners and founders of the estate — Vasily and Valentina Atlasov, a married couple. They one of the first inhabitants of the republic who have decided to show to local and guests of Yakutia richness of culture of peoples of the North, to tell their history, to open sacral world and folklore of people of Sakha. In the territory of the estate constructions in national Yakut style are located, ceremonies of clarification of Algys are carried out, here it is possible to taste Yakut dishes and to take part in a master class on their preparation. Annually the territory of a complex is improved and the impressive figures fr om natural materials (hay, a cane, etc.) representing characters and the phenomena from fairy tales and stories of peoples of the North are created. Also, there is a small museum wh ere it is possible to see ancient objects from life of Yakuts.

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Phone number: +7 9142720709; +7 (4112) 369077
Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk city, 6 Vilyuiyskiy tract

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