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Voronezh Oblast , KHrenovoe

The Horse Farm of Khrenovoye

Khrenovoye village became world famous thanks to the Orlov trotter breeding center founded here at the end of the 18th century by the count Orlov-Chesmenskiy. This breed was considered a Russian national heritage.

The horse farm in Khrenovoye, the birthplace of the Orlov trotter, was founded in 1776. Count Orlov, its founder, admired good horses and knew a lot about them. His intention was to develop a coacher that would combine the accurate forms, build, and character of Eastern breeds, with the large point of Western coacher breeds and the free sweeping trot of Holland breeds.

When the empress Catherine the Great granted him a tract of land in Voronezh oblast, count Orlov decided to try and realize his dream of making a new breed. He built a farm where he would be able to keep the required number of animals and provide all the necessary conditions Dominic Gilardi, a famous architect, was invited to take part in the creation of the horse farm. The construction took six years. The final structure turned out to be very unique. Since 1960, the ensemble of the horse farm in Khrenovoye has been under protection as a symbol of ancient times and Russian architecture.

It took 33 years to develop the breed with the desired characteristics. The Orlov trotter became the first of its kind in horse breeding and made the farm world famous.

Today the horse farm in Khrenovskoye is the world's largest breeding center of Orlov trotters. Besides this breed, great Arabian horses, predecessors of Orlov trotters, are bred on the horse farm in Khrenovskoye. The best horses from the farm achieve great results on the hippodromes around Russia.

A professional school for horsemen and paravets operates on the farm. There is also a museum, founded in 1950. It has six rooms with ancient books on breeding, breeding records of Orlov trotters, prizes, medals, and other items.

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Address: Voronezh oblast, Bobrovskiy district, Khrenovoye village, Bazarnaya Ploshchad str., 1

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