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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

The Old City

Acquaintance with Yakutsk is better to start with the ‘Old city’ — historical and architectural complex located in the central part of city.

There are buildings in style of the 19th century, the wooden street, nice cafes and restaurants, shopping centers. Here it is always quiet and cozy thanks to limit traffic in this part of the city. The Old City (in Russian «Stariy gorod») is a historical and architectural complex, quarter in the downtown in the territory of which the constructions recreating appearance of old Yakutsk are concentrated. Malls «Krujalo», the Yakutsk city Preobrazhenskiy Church, the Ostrog tower based by Pyotr Beketov, etc. Majority of wooden constructions of a complex are new and the built-up copies of the dilapidated, burned-down, or dismantled in previous years buildings. For example, an Ostrog tower is a monument of the Russian wooden defensive architecture, the symbol of Yakutsk placed in the center long time was located on the territory of the Yakut museum of local lore. In August, 2002 the tower was burned down as a result of childish prank. About two years later the Ostrog tower was recreated thanks to remained drawings in the district «Stariy gorod». Also there is one of the most interesting objects — Shergin's mine.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk city, the city center

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