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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Lena river

The Lena river is the largest river of Northeast Siberia. It is considered that the name of the river happens from the Even word ‘Elyu-Ene’ what mean ‘big river. The main inflows of Lena are the rivers: Chaya, Vitim, Aldan, Kuta, Olyokma, Vilyuy, Kirenga, Chuya, Molodo. The largest of them is the river Aldan. Extent Lena of 4400 kilometers, on average a current its width reaches 15 kilometers, and mouth width in lower reaches — 20-25 kilometers. The sizes of the Lena river’ delta are noted in the Guinness Book of Records. Seven months in a year Lena is held down by an ice armor more than a meter thick, the high water comes in the second half of May. On Lena river there are neither dams, nor hydroelectric power stations, the beauty river proceeds on the natural course, as well as millions years ago. On July 2 is a ‘Day of Lena River’. Yakut people said that Lena river is a daughter of a great udaganka Muus Kudulu (hostesses of the Arctic ocean); beauty Lena River is mother of the Sakha. On coast of Lena the Natural park ‘Lena Pillars’ is located which is included in the list of the World natural heritage of UNESCO. On rocks inscriptions of the ancient runic meet. Local landscapes give special effect to hiking and rafting, fishing and other activities. Annually in summertime from the capital of Yakutia cruise vessels go to two-three day travel down the river Lena with visit of the well-known Natural park ‘Lena Pillars’.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

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