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Omsk Oblast

Ebeyty Lake

Ebeyty Lake is a state natural complex reserve of a regional level and the largest salt lake in Omsk Oblast. Its salt mineralization is higher than in the famous Dead Sea: the latter has an average mineralization of 270-310 g/l, while Ebeyty has 300-450 g/l.

Ebeyty also has therapeutic mud deposits. According to the expert opinion of the Tomsk Research Institute, the type of mud deposits in Ebeyty is similar to the healing mud of Lake Karachi near Novosibirsk, which is well-known for its health resorts.

The soil around the lake is strongly saline, which is why the area is home to some rare plant communities, listed in the Red Book of Omsk Oblast. Another feature of the lake is that it is a nesting territory for a number of bird species included in the Red Book. Ebeyty is also a place for foraging cysts (eggs) of Artemia salina (Crustacea: Branchiopoda), used for feeding many species of fish and crustaceans. Collecting Artemia salina cysts is a very important industry for the residents of the villages near Ebeyty, and that is why the special protection regime in the reserve allows for this type of activity, provided it is done in compliance with the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation.

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