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The Republic of Ingushetia

Tersky Range memorials

On Tersky altitudes are monuments to the defenders of the city. At this place German troops failed to capture the city.

In the area of the brick factory is the most mass grave, buried there 2500 soldiers. No on was forgotten. The residents and students are take care of the monuments.

The last monument was erected in the 80s of the last century in honor of Tkeshelashvili. The cartridge case has been found with the remains, in which was a note with his data.

The students keep in touch with the defenders of the city, including the Honored Artist of Russia V.Etushem, which participated in the battles for the Malgobek. There is a military and labor glory museum in Malgobek, which collected many exhibits, the documents of Malgobek defenders, assignment of city high rank – is a tribute to his defenders, the living and those who died for the city.


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