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The Republic of Bashkortostan , Muradymovo

Muradymovskoye Ravine natural park

Природный парк «Мурадымовское ущелье»
Абдуллин Фарит , Государственный комитет Республики Башкортостан по предпринимательству и туризму

The Muradymovskoye Ravine park was founded in 1998. The Muradymovskoye Ravine, after which the park was named is actually a rocky canyon stretching along the shores of the Bolshoy Ik River. The total area of the park is 23,586 hectares (~58,000 acres).

The park was created first of all to preserve the Muradymovskoye Ravine cave system — a unique speleological area with the largest amount of solutional caves in the Urals. There are 36 caves over a distance of 7 kilometers. The longest one is called Novomuradymovskaya. The total length of its passages is 1,850 m. It has many grottoes and most of them have their own names. Rock paintings were found in the relatively small Staromuradymovskaya Cave, aged about 10 thousand years old. Another cave in the park, Golubiny Grotto (Pigeon Grotto) is famous for a paleolithic settlement found there. However, the Muradymovskoye Ravine is famous not only for its caves but also for its flora and fauna. Among the ravine's rocks one can see peregrines, golden eagles, and other rare animals and birds included in the Red Book.

The entrance to the natural park is in the village of Muradymovo. There is an entrance fee. One also has to pay to visit some other sites. In the Muradymovskoye Ravine area there are special places for camping and accommodation. There are also sightseeing tours arranged in the park.

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Address: The Republic Of Bashkortostan, Kugarchinsky District

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