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Sakhalin Oblast

Diving and aquatic excursions on Sakhalin

Дайвинг и водные экскурсии на Сахалине
Martin Ehrensvärd
Дайвинг и водные экскурсии на Сахалине
Martin Ehrensvärd

Diving is a way to contact the incredible world, because the mystique of undersea depths can be compared to the deep space alone. Once you start practicing diving and feel engaged with this mighty, majestic element, you simply cannot remain unchanged.

The tidal zone (littoral shelf) lines the coasts of all continents and islands. Littoral and sublittoral shelves (up to 50-150 m) together constitute less than 15% of the area of the World ocean. Nevertheless, this narrow strip is home to the richest sea communities, such as reefs, shore meadows and underwater seaweed “forests”. A littoral shelf is one of the most volatile habitats. Drivers can feel true marine researchers. They observe seabed inhabitants in their natural environment and learn about life of marine animals and plants.

One of the diving options on Sakhalin is a tour to Prigorodnoye settlement. The dives here are made at down to 10 m depths. The underwater world of Sakhalin is very diverse. During the diving, you can see scores of fish, crustaceans, echinoderms, mollusks, and algae.

“Salmon spawning” excursion tells about the spawning of Pacific salmons and everything about them. It is an engaging, exciting and dynamic trip in the headstream of the Lyutoga River. Participants sail downstream on inflatable water crafts (catamarans) intended for going down mountain rivers. The Lyutoga River gives a score of opportunities for safe, yet necessary practicing the aquatic tourism requires. During the excursion you can learn about the salmon life stages, about the way the quality of river water and streamside vegetation has on the lives of fish and spawns, about fish farms, and types of salmon that inhabit Sakhalin area, including the rare ones. Moreover, there is a unique opportunity to immerse yourselves in the river and see the salmon habitat with your own eyes. The river bed that usually is impossible for our eye to see is very unusual for perception due to the lack of customary colors, vegetation and relief. Everything seems bigger in water, so seeing even the tiniest fish thrills greatly.

An excursion to the breakwater of Nevelsk provides for an immersion into the water with sea lions. Every mid-February, Steller’s sea lions listed in the Red List of Russia come over to an old Japanese breakwater. You can observe these remarkable, curious, graceful animals in their natural habitat from a 5-meter distance as you immerse into the aquatic element.

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