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The Udmurt Republic , Bachkeevo

Etapnyi Punkt Museum in Bakcheevo

The museum was established in 2000 at the old staging post of the Siberian highway. The building was constructed in 1837 by recruits from nearby villages. It has been preserved because since 1900, when it hosted a two-room country school, and until 1999, the Bakcheevo School. In all these years, it has never been renovated.

The overall surface of the building is 293.1 square meters. The museum is part of the tour «The Siberian Route — a route through the ages,» which offers tourists the possibility to experience the life of an exile, by walking the road in shackles, riding in a horse-drawn cart, and eating prison food. The Siberian Route led from the European part of Russia through all Siberia, with its branches ending in Okhotsk, Chita, and Kyakhta.

The originator of the idea to create such a museum was the Bakcheevo school director and Great Patriotic War veteran N. Ya. Maksimov.

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Phone number: +7 (34134) 4-19-12
Address: The Udmurt Republic, Igrinskiy District, Bakcheevo

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