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The Republic of Crimea , Pike

Genoese Fortress

Генуэзская крепость
Виталий Еременко , Министерство курортов и туризма Республики Крым
Генуэзская крепость
Александр Железняк , Министерство курортов и туризма Республики Крым

The Genoese Fortress is a monument of medieval architecture of world importance, it is the only Genoese citadel that has survived to date in the Crimea.

A unique fortification complex, covering an area of 30 hectares, the fortress is located on an ancient coral reef — the Castle Mount, which is a powerful rock, overlooking the emerald-green Sudak Bay. The strategic location and powerful defensive structures of the Genoese Fortress remained virtually inaccessible to foreign enemies for a considerable time.

It had two separate tiers of fortifications: internal and external. The external fortifications, surrounding the northern slopes of the mountain, were a complex of 14 towers, connected by massive walls, and the main gate. The inner line of defense — the citadel — consisted of four towers, the Consular Castle and the free-standing Watch, or Maiden Tower on the top of the Castle Mount. 

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Address: village of Uyutnoye, Sudak, Republic of Crimea

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