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Orenburg Oblast

Krasnaya (Red) Mountain

The mountain got its name for the reddish hue given off by the mountain's red clay and red stone. The second name of Red Mountain is Saryktash or «stone sheep»: «sa-ryk» — sheep, «tash» — stone. The name of the city of Saraktash is taken from the mountain.

The mountain has many unusual stone boulders that are 0.5-2.5 meters in size. One of the first descriptions of Red Mountain and other neighboring mountains is the following: «The general nature of the location around the Krasnogor settlement is mountainous. The mountain slopes are covered with piles of red ironstone and red sandstone, due to which in clear weather from many miles away the mountains seem to be covered with blood».

The movie Russian Rebellion was shot near Red Mountain in 1998.  Filmmaker A. Proshkin showed the events of the peasant war described in Pushkin's «The Captain's Daughter» and «The Story of Pugachev's Rebellion.» A fortress and other buildings of that period were reconstructed for the movie. Residents of Tatarsky Saraktash and Saraktash participated in the filming, in addition to the actors. Upon the completing the film, the director gave part of the  costumes and decorations used in the movie to the local  history museum in Orenburg.  Some decorations used in movie are still on Red Mountain and it is possible to hike and take pictures there. In addition, a tourist center is situated on the mountain.

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