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The Republic of Karelia

Paanayärvi National Park

Национальный парк «Паанаярви»
Елена Кузнецова , Туристский портал Карелии
Национальный парк «Паанаярви»
Елена Кузнецова , Туристский портал Карелии
Национальный парк «Паанаярви»
Елена Кузнецова , Туристский портал Карелии

Paanayärvi National Park is situated near the Arctic Circle on the border between Finland and Murmanskaya oblast. It was established on May 20, 1992. The park is 104 hectares, of which 60% is covered by pristine, untrodden forests.

In Paanayärvi Park, you can ascend Nuorunen mountain, the highest mountain in Karelia (576 meters) and enjoy the view of Paanayärvi Lake, which lies in a deep ravine. The lake is small but particularly deep — 128 meters. Among other landmarks, visitors should absolutely visit the sheer cliff Ruskeallio, the Ollanga river, Myantukoski and Kivakkoski waterfalls, and ascend the Kivakkunturi mountain to enjoy yet another breathtaking view.

The park is well equipped to receive visitors, hiking paths and trails have been laid out, footbridges have been placed over streams and swamps, and informational stands and camping places are available.  Accommodation options are also available. Having purchased a license that is available in the Pyaozersky village visiting center, one can go fishing in the park. In Pyaozersky there are also several motorboat and kayak rental centers. In addition, it is definitely worth taking a sightseeing trip of Paanayärvi Lake by motorboat or the wooden sailboat Nadezhda.

National Park «Paanajarvi» is located in the north-west of Karelia, in its highest part on Maanselikja mountain ridge. The landscapes of the park are very picturesque — here mountain peaks alternate with deep ravines, numerous lakes, various bogs, wide rivers and waterfalls. Mountainsides and river valleys are covered with undisturbed forests, among which thin fir-woods predominate. There are winter and summer routes and many tourist guest houses in the park.

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