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The Kabardino-Balkar Republic

The Chegemskie Waterfalls

The Chegemskie Waterfalls are one of the important natural tourist attractions in Kabardino-Balkaria.

The Chegemskie Waterfalls group is formed by three waterfalls. Moving alone the Chegemskoe gorge to the south, you first come across the Small Chegemski Waterfall or Adai-Su (Maiden’s Braid), which is situated two kilometers to the south of the village of Nizhniy Chegem. It is situated on a small stream that flows into the Chegem river fr om the right.  The waterfall is approximately 200 meters away from the road. It looks like a huge stone channel, through which the water of the Adai-Su river flows. This waterfall is considered to be the most powerful of the chain. Its height is about 30 meters.

The Chegemskoe Gorge (Su-Auzu — «water throat») is further, to the south of the village of Hushto-Syrt, where the gorge narrows to 25 meters. The Big Chegemskie Waterfalls are found in this gorge. The waterfall on the Sakal-Tup river, the right tributary of the river Chegem, is the first one. Like the first waterfall, it resembles a huge channel of water, but of different shape and with a much smaller flow compared to Adai-Su.

Finally, the Main Chegemenski Waterfall is approximately half a kilometer to the south, in the Kayarty river, another right tributary of the Chegem. The Main waterfall is considered to be the most unusual out of the whole group, because it is in fact a whole group of waterfalls. Part of the water falls into the Chegem in small cascades­ from a height of 50-60 meters, while another part ­trickles through the cracks in the stone in the upper part of the wall. 

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