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Ivanovo Oblast , Ples

Levitan Peak

Гора Левитана
Фотобанк Лори
Гора Левитана
Департамент культуры и туризма
Гора Левитана
Департамент культуры и туризма Ивановской области

The Levitan Peak is the highest point in Plyos. The history of Levitain Peak is quite intricate: it is connected to Levitan's famous painting «Over eternal peace», in which he depicted either this very place or the church standing on the mountain.

Initially the mountain bore the name of Petropavlovskaya. It was renamed after a museum of the Levitan's works was opened at its foot. They say that the view from the peak impressed Levitan so much that he immediately decided to settle in Plyos. According to local legend, most of Levitan's landscape paintings were created on Petropavlovskaya mountain.

At that time, the Church of St. Peter and Paul (or, Petropavlovskaya) was standing on the mountain. This church (which is probably depicted in «Over eternal peace») burned down in 1903. Now its place is occupied by the Church of the Resurrection, which was moved here from the village of Bilyukovo (Ilyinskiy district of Ivanovo oblast), in 1982 with the sole purpose of filling the gap of the legendary landscape. The Church of the Resurrection indeed resembles the old Petropavlovskaya church: both have one dome, but were built one and a half century apart — the Petropavlovskaya in 1561, the Church of the Resurrection in 1699.

The Church of the Resurrection is located above an ancient graveyard. Today, it is almost unnoticable, as most tombstones missing. This place is popular among tourists who love taking pictures «over eternal peace». A solid wooden staircase with handrails was built specially to facilitate the climb to the top.

The Levitan Peak commands a panoramic view of the Volga and Plyos rivers. In summer, art students from all over the central Russia gather here for a conference. Artists from Plyos can be seen on Levitan Peak throughout the year.

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Address: Ivanovo oblast, Privolzhskiy district, town of Plyos

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