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Omsk Oblast , Marianowski

Stud Farm Omskiy

The stud farm appeared in the village — the estate of Rempening Yakov Ivanovich — at the end of XIX century. Nationalization occurred on December 15, 1919 and the state farm №22-a was formed. The brood horses were brought to sovkhoz in October 1922. Since January 1, 1927 it has been regarded as independent stud farm №40. The farm breeds the Russian Trotter. The stallion Izyum became a winner in 1947, covering the distance of 1600 meters for 2.05 min. The horse Alleya won the International Peace Prize in 1981- having covered the distance for 2.02 min. Today on the farm you can ride a horse in the forest under supervision.

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Phone number: +7 (38168) 361-25
Address: Omsk region , Maryanovsky , str. Lenina

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