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The Republic of Adygea , Kamennomostskiy

Rufabgo Waterfalls

Водопады Руфабго
Фотобанк Лори

The Rufabgo Falls are located near the village of Kamennomostskiy — one of Adygea's tourist centers.

It is here that the Rufabgo River runs into the Belaya River. In its lower reaches, the Rufabgo flows in a deep valley, surrounded by steep slopes that end with even steeper rocks at the top, forming impregnable walls. This is the place tourists throng to, to discover the famous waterfalls. And this is where you can learn the legend of Rufabgo the Giant and the brave young man Khadzhokh.

There are sixteen waterfalls on the Rufabgo in total.

The first waterfall — Tri Bratsa [Three Brothers] — is located at the place, where the Rufabgo flows into the Belaya. It is so small that most tourists fail to notice it. But it can be seen even from the pedestrian toll bridge.

The most interesting and largest of the waterfalls are the Shum, Kaskadniy, Serdtse Rufabgo, Shnurok (Devichya Kosa), Chasha Lyubvi, and Devichii Kosy.

The most picturesque waterfall is the Serdtse Rufabgo (Heart of Rufabgo). The flow of ice-cold water bursts from under a huge rock mass, very similar in shape to the human heart. After passing it, you can reach places, where the narrow white jet of the Devichya Kosa or the Shnurok falls from a high cliff. The highest of all the waterfalls on the Rufabgo is the Shnurok at 20 meters high.

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Address: The Republic of Adygeya, Maikop District, Village of Kamennomostkiy

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