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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The East Handyga river rafting

Сплав по реке Восточная Хандыга
Сплав по реке Восточная Хандыга
Сплав по реке Восточная Хандыга
Сплав по реке Восточная Хандыга
Сплав по реке Восточная Хандыга

East Handyga is ‘born’ at the height about 1700 m above sea level. In 1 km Imtachan's entry the absolute height of the river — 1183 m. The valley narrow is lower than this inflow (200-800 m), it is compressed on both sides by high mountains. Many tops are higher than river level on 800-1000 m. Slopes are abrupt, stony, are covered by an elfin wood and a light forest. The wood grows only in the valley of the river. The course is bouldery and pebble, with a set of large stones, continuously is divided into sleeves. One by one prompt rifts follow, it is frequent with abrupt plums and clips. Passing of many obstacles is complicated by abundance of stones, high standing waves and a rapid current. In 5 km above Niukunni's mouth the valley is sharply narrowed, channels disappear. Through 6,5 km the hydrometeostation Western is located on the right. Are on a hill, at the height about 300 m over the river at home. The station is one of important links in a chain of the Krest-Haldzhay points (115 m) — the Warm Key (287 m) — Western (849 m) — East (1284 m) — Oimyakon (726 m), Handyga observing weather along a highway — Magadan. The Water mode of East Handyga is characterized by a low spring high water with a maximum in the middle of June, the frequent summer and autumn floods exceeding a high water in separate years. Water level because of rains changes quickly, quite often on 2-3 m. Opposite to Kuranakh's entry there is an item. A fork from where and the item of Nezhdaninskoye on river Tyra the winter road (110 km) leaves. The road runs on coast of river Kuranakh and river. Racks — the right inflow of Tyra. Along her it is possible to lay a short walking route. Lower than 176 km the valley of East Handyga extend again (1-2 km). The course is bouldery and pebble, is divided into sleeves. Waterway width — 100-130 m. The River flows quickly, abounds with rifts. On shallows — the mass of a fin. It is necessary to be all the time on the careful not to get in shallow water or not to run on poplar. Big danger is constituted by the washed-away trees which are low hanging over water. The wood in a flood plain and at a foot of mountains high, mixed. Slopes are covered by an elfin wood, a bush and a light forest.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Tomponskiy district, East-Handyga river

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