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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Buotama river rafting

Сплав по реке Буотама
Сплав по реке Буотама
Beautifu riverl Buotama is reserved and appeasable. It is the right inflow of Lena and adequately bears her force and power in the waters. Buotama strikes with the improbable greatness, in her force of 60 mountain rivulets is concluded. It is ideal option for family rest, slow alloy and hazardous fishing. As if the narrow satin ribbon, Buotama surrounds connect territories, shrouding them in the atmosphere of water freshness and harmony. The name of the river is translated from Yakut as ‘a meadow grass’. This grass fills the coast with the surprising atmosphere of harmony and purity, on coast it is possible to meet a lot of ‘sardana’ (the Daurian lily). Having gone to a travel down the river, it is possible to enjoy her delightful beauty. The majestic pine woods fill air on the coast with a noble smell of pine pitch and fir cones, the bird cherry supplements with easy sweet, and thickets of forest herbs finish composition dizzy aroma of natural luxury. The river is shrouded a set of ancient legends and stores history of the local people. In the ancient time its coast were the house for primitive nomads who survived only thanks to hunting for mammoths. Everyone who will go to river rafting will be able to visit the unique nursery of bisons created on its coast in 2006 to restore population of these ancient animals in the Yakut taiga. The river rafting of Buotama is a surprising opportunity to admire delightful beauty of Yakutia, to slightly open the mysteries of her majestic nature and just to enjoy the surprising atmosphere of natural harmony and an improbable water charm.

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Phone number: +7 (4112) 22-34-05
Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Hangalasskiy disrict, Buotama river

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