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Tyumen Oblast , Yar

Yar Hot Spring

A hot spring in the village of Yar is famous for its healing waters. Yarskaya mineral water contains sodium chloride, methane, bromine, iodine, boron, and some trace elements. It is characterized by the absence of sulphates. Mineralization of the water is from 22 to 11.8 p/L; the total hardness — 19.6 mg. You can drink it or take baths.

The hot spring in Yar improves health and even makes the body younger: it has long been called «life-giving water». Thermal baths are used to treat obesity and skin problems, cardiovascular diseases, and insomnia.

The natural water, containing high concentrations of dissolved hydrogen sulfide and sulfides, speeds up the metabolism, improves blood circulation, and accelerates cell regeneration. The thermal waters are also beneficial for the hair and skin. It helps with hair loss, perfect for cleansing the skin, normalizing the functioning of sebaceous glands in the skin, and scars become less pronounced.

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Phone number: +7 (3452) 922-252
Address: 6 Istochnik St., village of Yar, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast

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